Journal: The Balancing Act, Introduction.

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My first year of studying medicine at Bingham University started last November and so far it has been a pleasantly challenging experience.

The second semester started on the 26th of April. My major aim for this semester is to do as much coding as I possibly can while still keeping my grades up. The holiday leading up to the semester was a very successful one for me in terms of coding projects. I finally understood how to use Git and GitHub, created a YouTube channel (I have no videos yet though 😅), did quite a few Frontend Mentor challenges, and completed my portfolio website (almost). Probably one of the most productive holidays I’ve had in a while.

Now that school is in session, it will become lots more difficult to keep it up, given that we will be hurdled with endless content to grab and assignments to complete. Where there’s a will though, there’s a way 💪.

One other important thing that will affect how stressed I will be this semester is my success on Upwork. I joined Upwork a while ago, but wasn’t serious (or informed) enough to make much progress. I ended up taking a long break from it.

During the holiday, however, I deleted my old account and created a new one. This time I’m committed to making it work. Not the best decision in hindsight given that I just threw away the many connects I had accumulated over months of inactivity. No luck so far on my new profile but I’m determined to make it work.

This journal, The Balancing Act is my way of sharing my journey of balancing web development, school and freelancing on Upwork.



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Michael Salam

Michael Salam

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1st-year medical student at Bingham University, Nigeria. Programmer, also pursuing a freelance career in web development while still keeping my grades up.